Three Layer Polyethylene / Polypropylene (3LPE / 3LPP) Coating

Tekin Boru 3LPE / 3LPP coating is a multilayer coating composed of three functional components. This coating consists of the first layer which is a high-performance anticorrosion fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) second layer of a copolymer PE / PP adhesive for adhesion between epoxy and PE / PP and an outer third layer of polyethene/polypropylene which provides mechanical protection.


Single Layer / Dual Layer Fusion Bonded Epoxy   

Tekin Boru's SFBE is a single layer anti-corrosion coating which is consisting of high-performance fusion bonded epoxy layer that provides excellent protection in moderate operating temperatures. DFBE is a layer of anti-corrosion coating followed by abrasion resistant overcoat which provides excellent results for pipes being used under abrasive conditions.


Liquid Epoxy

This type of coating mainly is applied to provide anti-corrosion resistant for pipes used for above ground applications and piling piles. Liquid epoxy coated systems are easily maintained or re-coated after some periods when necessary. 



It is the most economical type of coating which provides anti-corrosion resistant for pipes being used underground systems. It has less mechanical protection than polyethene. It is applied by immersing fibreglass into hot bitumen and wrapped around the pipe by means of mechanical techniques.

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