Cement Mortar Lining

Cement mortar lining is performed by use of a spinning machine, which rotates the pipe causing centrifugal pressure on cement mortar which helps in equalizing the mortar thickness and form a smooth, dense protective lining.


Liquid Epoxy Lining

Tekin Boru liquid epoxy coating facility is designed to apply a suitable spray coating, primer or epoxy to the cleaned internal surface of the pipe.

The liquid epoxy coating can be thin film epoxy, 100% solids, two components, solvent free, high build epoxy lining applied to smoothen the internal pipe surface for improved flow and used to provide corrosion protection for the internal surface of steel pipes. This results in the reduction of friction and increases the flow efficiency.




Turkish / European Standards

TS 5139

3 Layer Polyethylene Coating

TS EN 10298

Cement Mortar Lining

TS EN 10289

Liquid Epoxy Coating

EN 10285

3 Layer Polyethylene Coating

American Standards


Liquid Epoxy Coating


Cement Mortar Lining

German Standards

DIN 30670

3 Layer Polyethylene Coating

DIN 30673

Bitumen Coating


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